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About PvCarbon

PvCarbon envisions being a top-tier carbon credit provider that spearheads the shift towards a sustainable and low-carbon global economy


Our Vision

PvCarbon strive to offer creative and impactful solutions that encourage individuals and organizations to minimize their carbon footprint, while also bolstering the growth of green energy projects and other carbon offset initiatives. Our primary objective is to foster a world where environmental stewardship and economic growth are mutually reinforcing, and where everyone can contribute to building a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Our Journey So Far



With the goal of promoting renewable energy and encouraging a net zero carbon lifestyle, Amosola, was formed and partnered with Jinko Solar, one of the largest solar panel manufacturers. In the early stage, Amosola offer one-stop solar solutions for individual customers who participated in “FIT-in scheme”, including system design, installation, equipment maintenance, and the development of environmental protection investment plans. Amosola has even developed its own construction technology, specifically for village rooftop modules, to better serve its customers.



Amosola experienced significant growth in its first business year. The company gained a 5% market share and generated 2 million dollars in annual sales. To keep up with the increased demand, the solar system installation team was expanded. In addition, Amosola launched three signature solar panel products, which helped to increase its market share to 20% in the residential sector. Towards the end of the year, a commercial solar solution team was formed and was able to generate 3 million dollars in profits.

PvCarbon, we are dedicated to simplifying the carbon credit economy and becoming the trusted financing partner for voluntary carbon markets. By leveraging our capital, expertise, and relationships, we identify and support carbon reduction projects that align with our core values and meet the highest standards of quality.

Our partners


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